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6 Steps to Finding the Best Principal Jobs

By iHire | November 13, 2019

If you’re searching for principal jobs, statistics show that the employment outlook is in your favor. Principal jobs are expected to increase 4% by 2028 to accommodate the increasing number of students in schools.

This stat is supported by the most recent 2017 US census that states that there are 76.4 million students enrolled in school. That same census indicated that there are only 4.8 million teachers and instructors to support those millions of students.

If you’re aiming to serve the educational system and the needs of our growing population of students as a school principal, there are some steps you can take to learn how to become a principal and find principal jobs that align with your career goals.


Know How to Become a Principal

Most principal jobs require teaching experience and a master’s degree, which means you’ll also need a teaching certification with a bachelor’s degree. Some states might also require a principal’s certification to land such a position. Another certification that can be beneficial, though not typically required, is a National Board Certification. If you’re up against some stiff competition, extra certifications coupled with relevant work experience might give you an edge.


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Walk the Job Fair

With social media and online job postings, some job seekers forget the value of a job fair. Job fairs are still a viable option to land jobs and promotions, as well as receive valuable career advice. For example, if a teacher or school counselor is wondering how to become a principal, and they find an institution with an assistant principal or principal job opening, the candidate can speak to the representative directly about his or her recommendations on steps they can take.


Create an Education Specialist Portfolio

Make it easy for recruiters to find you and all you have to offer – build an online and print portfolio that represents your accomplishments as an education specialist and school administrator. Your offline portfolio should include a solid resume, business card, and cover letter. Your online portfolio should consist of a website with your resume and career highlights, along with a professional photo and links to your social media pages and email address.


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Use Your Social Network to Land Principal Jobs

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. To find principal jobs that are in your wheelhouse, tap into your network to see who might be able to connect you with a school or position that interests you. It’s also possible to network professionally on social media, especially if you highlight your professional experiences and expertise. You can share education specialist posts and connect with other professionals as you build your network on these social media accounts.


Continue Learning

As with any leader, continuing education is essential. To land the best principal job for you, consider ongoing leadership and educational training. If you’re not yet a principal, or even if you are, you might consider a doctoral degree focused on education to help you stand apart from the competition.


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Research Where School Administrator Openings Are Located

If you’re in the market for a principal or assistant principal job, then it helps to know where the majority are located, especially if you’re willing to relocate. Kentucky, California, Texas, Illinois, and Connecticut are some of the locations with the highest concentrations of opportunities for principals and assistant principals on iHireSchoolAdministrators.


Whether you’re a teacher or school counselor looking to transition to a principal role, or you’re a principal looking to make a career move, we understand how challenging the job search process can be. Search for openings in your area and check out our career advice library to get one step closer to your dream job.

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