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Job Summary
Employment Type
Full Time
Years Experience
3 - 5 years
Job Description

Responsibilities Administrative:

  • Oversee graduation requirements and credits---meet with students with

deficiency notices

  • Record permanent grades
  • Update G.P.A. and class rank
  • Process transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other correspondence
  • Class scheduling
  • Monitor inputting of grades and teacher comments
  • Compile list of honor roll students and include honor roll certificates with report card
  • Compile the BRAG student list
  • Help with conferences and open house
  • Help students find and work with tutors
  • Manually enter grades, grade points and credits for classes taken outside

Academic Guidance:

  • Manage student schedule changes
  • Study habits, teacher relations, class discipline referral

Career Education:

  • 7th and 12th Grade --Career investigation, scholarships and university searches
    • Career Days and Class Career Field Trips

Personal Counseling and Growth:

  • Individual interview with each student

Example Problem Areas

  • Adjustment to high school
  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Peer Pressure-Self-Esteem-Guilt
  • Family Problems and Relationships
  • Stress and coping skills
  • Depression, abuse, and suicide warning signs.
  • Other                 


  • Help students and parents with course selections
  • Enter schedules in the computer
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Take care of any schedule changes



  • Make and update permanent records cards
  • Make and update 4-year plan cards
  • Transcripts - Update yearly for current students
  1. Seniors: 7th semester and final transcripts
  2. Request from former students
  • Cumulative folders
  • File all testing results, labels, EX. For ITBS, PSAT, AP, ESL, SAT and ACT


  • Verify courses for graduation credit


  • Schedule, order, coordinate, and help with administration of standardized tests:
  • Help students with ACT SAT and AP registrations


  • Help with college searches
  • Scheduling College Representatives and campus visits
  • Arrange visits with college personnel
  • Coordinate a financial aid night for parents and students
  • Help students with college and scholarship applications
  • Write letters of recommendation for students
  • Compile a list of senior awards for the school
  • Compile a list of senior awards and pictures for publication in the yearbook and school newspaper
  • Coordinate and plan graduation and year-end activities
  • Underclassmen awards
  • Conduct orientation for incoming 6th grade students
  • Work with staff to enhance understanding of all aspects of the student's development and its impact on learning.
  • Participate in and facilitate the intervention team process
  • Protect the confidentiality of student records and release personal data in accordance with Board policies.
  • Establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with faculty, staff and administration to facilitate the provision of optimum guidance and counseling services.
  • Delineate and promote the counselor's function in meeting the needs of students.
  • Assist in the development of: curricular and environmental conditions appropriate for the school and community; educational procedures and programs to meet student needs; and, a systematic evaluation process for guidance and counseling programs, services and personnel.
  • Promotes positive school-community relationships through active participation in school and civic organizations and functions.
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